France Champion


France Champion

National Show Champion, BG CH, MD CH



CHAMPION : France, LSP, Int

CHAMPION : Luxembourg, Int

Junior Warrant - UK CH


CHAMPION : France, France Veteran, International, Luxembourg, LSP

Our males and the ones we use are selected on their morphology, their complementarity with our females, their pedigree and of course their health. They are recorded in the book of French Origin (LOF), are confirmed and have good results in dogshows and worked. All of our Stud dogs are DNA (in partnership with Antagène), and we try to get them excellent results in dogshows and lure coursing to meet the good and beautiful side of whippet. Our Studogs are available for matings on bitches entered in a Book of Origins exclusively. We reserve the right to refuse a mating if we feel that marriage is not wise, morphologically, and backgrounds.

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