His ancestors

Land of Birth Poland

Date of birth : 11 may 2016

Size :   51cm

Colour : Fawn brindle

DNA Identified / Free Myostatin (N/N)

Heart Echo + ECG : Normal (10.18)

Lure coursing Lisense (29.04.2018)

MYDOGDNA  Health profil registered





Marvel is an extraordinary dog by his temperament ! Always happy and at ease everywhere, he fills us with joy and laughter by his daily clowning! He is a young teen super well in his paws!

Marvel is co-owned with his breeder Anna Rojszyk

( Dogarium Kennel)






Main Results

- BOB, BOG Puppy ***Nantes '16 - France***

- 2ème EXC (/16) *** French Specialty 2017 under H.Härling (NO) ***

- BOB, BOG, RBIS Junior *** Chateaubriant '17 - France***

- 3rd EXC (Inter Class /13) *** Donaueschiegen 2017 ***

- 1EXC CACS BOS (Special Breed) *** Sorge'17 - France***

- 1Exc RCACS (Special Breed - 70 dogs) *** Pompadour'17 under Bo Bengston (USA)

- 1Exc RCACS (Special Breed) ***Douai'17 - under Arne FOSS (NO)

- 1Exc CACS BOS ***Le Mans '17 - under C.Magré (Fr) ***

- 1Exc CACS RCACIB *** Bordeaux'18 under C.Coppel (Fr) ***

- 1Exc CACS CACIB *** Périgueux'18 under C.Materra (Fr) ***

- 1er Exc CACS BOB BOG *** La Roche sur Yon'18 under C.Magré***

- 1er EXC CACS CACIB BOS *** French Championship Show under C.Coppel (Fr)

1er EXC CACS BOS *** Chateaubriant'18 - C.Coppel***

- 1er EXC CACS BOB BOG *** Chatellerault'18 - F.Mannato ***

- 1er EXC CACS BOB BOG *** Aigrefeuille'18 - E.Desquartiers***

- 4ème EXC (/18) *** Donaueschingen '18 - S.Sakson ***

- 1er EXC CAC CACIB BOB BOG ***Tiraspol(Md) - D.Drobnjak***

- 1er EXC CAC CACIB BOB BOG BIS ***Shkorpilovtzi (Bg) - V.Viarbitski***

- 1er EXC CAC CACIB BOB BOG *** Shkorpilovtsi (Bg) - V.Khizhnyak***

- 1er EXC CACIB BOB BOG3 ***Nantes (Fr) - Andre Van der Broeck (NL)***

- 1er EXC CACIB BOS ***Montlucon (Fr) - Christophe Coppel (Fr)***

- 2ème EXC - RCACP - RCACIL ***Coursing International Rougé 2019***


Judges comments...

HENRIK HÄRLING (Play a While Kennel - SE)- 2nd EXC Junior Class (French Specialty 2017)

Masculine dog, very promising, nice outline, a bit rough in coat, nice angulations, easy mover, a sound honest dog

PAULO COELHO (Da Roseira Brava Kennel -PT) 3rd EXC I Open Class  (/13)(Donaueschiengen 2017)

15 months, very nice dog, excellent type size and substance, nice head and expression, very nice chest and forchest, very nice angulations, moves will from the side and coming, a bit close in rear, could use more drive

N.RULE - STEELE (Taejaan Kennel -AUS) 3rd EXC I Open Class  (/14)(Donaueschiengen 2017)

15 months, red brindle, nice head, good strenght to the foreace, he has a good neck into shoulder, nice return into upperarm, would like a bit more spring to the pastern, he is balaced overall  standing, nice underline, good strong hindquarters, good arch over the loin, he is sound going away, and tidy coming at you, he has a good sidegait, nice size

ARNE FOSS (Paper's Moon Kennel - NO) 1er EXC - RCACS  (Douai 2017)

Well balanced, Masculin nice type, good skull, nice ears, typical topline, nice underline. Moves well going around coverig a lot of ground, nice temperament, well handled, head of good lenght, very pleasing young male, in the end just wanted to play

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