(CH.Esedra El Rey X Esedra Me Gustas Menear)

Dob 19.08.2017

Size : 47cm

Her ancestors

Like Luna,  Rua is born in Italy, (in Mariarita Carraturo's kennel). mall girl with a nice body, and well balanced, Rua is a sweet and calm girl.




BOBJ - BOB Adult & BOG Adult (Chateaubriant 2018)

JBOB - BOB - JBIS - BIS (Pompadour 2018)

BEST IN SHOW (Bordeaux IDS 2019 - 2100 dogs)

Reserve Best in Show (Montlucon IDS 2019 - 2550 dogs)

Best in Show - French Whippet club Speciality (137 dogs)

Best in Show - La Roche-sur-Yon NDS (600 dogs)






Rua started slowly shows in junior class. She already has some JBOB,  one Adult BOB and one Adult BOG.  at 11 months she won Junior Class (with 25 entries) at Donauseschingen and began Donaueschingen Junior winner (2018).

Judges Comments

Pauline Oliver (UK) - Spyanfly Whippets - EXC1 - Donaueschingen Junior Winner (/25)

1 year old, feminine head, very pleasy and correct outline, well balanced with correct and not over exaggerated angulations in front and rear, straight front with slope of pasterns, with good feet, good lenght and spring of rib, soft curve over the topline, strong in rear with low let down hocks, moving away she used her hind quarters well and covered the ground easily coming to the front slight loosenesses in elbows

Bart Shereens (Belgium - Boxing Helena's Whippet - EXC1  (/17) JBOB - BOB - Pompadour 2018

13 months, wonderful bitch, super outline, gorgeous head ans expression, correct neck, top line, under line, angulations. Wonderful mover with a lot of reach and drive but a bit closer behind

Jarmo Vuorinen (Finland - Sheik's whippets - EXC1  - CACS - BEST IN SHOW - French Specialty 2019

Quality bitch, beautiful lines, well shapped head, long neck, a bit low set ears, balance angulated, excellent body / topline, moves beautifully

Aaron Todd Miller (USA  - Jomyr whippets - 1EXC - CAC -  BOS   Donaueschingen Winner 2019

Outstanding bitch, good size and substance, absolutely smooth from head to tail, beautiful front assembly, lovely deep chest, excellent gentle falling curves, good rear, strong front, free coming and going, as a dream to watch stantind and moving around the ring, such a good whippet type.

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